Submission Deadlines, 2019

Dec. 09 - FACES Magazine: Brazil - fiction & nonfiction for ages 9-14

Dec. 13 - Bible Advocate Magazine: New Creation - articles, fillers, poetry 

Dec. 15 - Borderlands Texas Poetry Review: Change - poetry, book reviews, essays 

              Chicken Soup for the Soul: You Go, Girl - nonfiction up to 1200 words & poems 

              The Poeming Pigeon: Pop Culture - submit 1-3 poems 

              Tangled Tree Publishing: A Dark Spring - thriller/suspense/mystery up to 15,000 words 

              Poetry Society of Oklahoma Annual Spring Contest - 12 categories to enter

              Massachusetts State Poetry Society Arthur (Skip) Potter Memorial Contest - poems up to 40 lines

              Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal - any topic/theme that is positive and uplifting     

Dec. 21 - Poetry Society of Colorado Poetry Contest: December - theme is Santa Claus is Real; 40 line limit 

Dec. 23 - Poetry Society of America Annual Awards - two categories open to non-members  

Dec. 26 - Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs Contest - 5-line limerick written to their theme

Dec. 28 - Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest - one poem up to 30 lines or up to 5 pages of prose 

Dec. 31 - California State Poetry Society Monthly Contest - previously published poems only 

              Chicken Soup for the Soul: Self-care and Me Time - nonfiction stories up to 1200 words & poems 

              WyoPoets Eugene V. Shea Annual Contest - one poem per page; limit 20 poems 

              The Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction - entries up to 10K words 

              National Writers Association Nonfiction Contest - articles, essays, nonfiction book proposals

              SPS Studios Biannual Poetry Card Contest - no entry fee

              Boulevard Magazine Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers - up to 8000 words 

              Workers Write - no theme, just stories & poems from the workplace 


Jan. 01 - The Sun Magazine Readers Write Column: Boyfriends & Girlfriends - personal essays 


















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