Submission Deadlines, 2017

Apr. 20 - Arkansas Writers Conference Contest - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, song lyrics

Apr. 21 - Poetry Society of Colorado: Double Etheree - a double etheree poem about what inspired you to write poetry 

Apr. 23 - Focus on the Family: Fall Activities - 50-300 word articles

              Focus on the Family: Candy - 50-300 word articles 

Apr. 25 - Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs Contest - 5 line limerick written to their prompt 

Apr. 29 - SCBWI Austin Annual Conference - for children's book writers and illustrators 

Apr. 30 - Beneath the Rainbow Quarterly Contest - online journal of fiction, humor, essay, & poetry 

              Sequestrum Literature & Art Journal Contests - permit previously published work

              2Elizabeths Romance & Women's Fiction Writing Contest - enter short fiction or poetry 

              California State Poetry Society Monthly Contest - theme is travel, history, mythology, other cultures

              Finishing Line Press Poetry Chapbook Contest - submit 16-35 pages of poetry

              California Writers Club Short Story Contest - up to 1000 words

              Focus on the Family Magazine: Cleaning Up - 50-300 word articles 

              Focus on the Family Magazine: Brio Fiction: Hard Stuff - 800-1000 word articles 

May 01 - Purpose Magazine: Beginnings - personal, true stores (350-650 words) & poems (up to 12 lines)

             Pelican Book Group Christmas Holiday Extravaganza - novella length stories 15K to 25K

             River Poets Journal: Immigrants - stories or poems of our ancestors 

             The Crucible: Poetry & Fiction Competition - up to 5 poems or fiction up to 5K words

             Alabama Writers Conclave Writing Contest - fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, juvenile fiction 

May 04 - Writer's Digest 87th Annual Writing Competition - 10 categories to enter 

May 05 - Bonsai: A Journal of Haiku Poetry - 5/7/5 haiku, senryu, haibun, and haiga

May 15 - Rockford Writers Guild Spring "Relief" Prose Contest - submit up to 3 pieces, 1300 words or less each 

             Time of Singing Summer Poetry Contest - rhyming Christian poetry 

             Spider Magazine - fiction, poems, articles for ages 6-9; theme is Inventions

             Ruminate Magazine Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize - submit up to 2 poems 

             Ladybug Magazine - ages 3-6; nonfiction, poetry, activities to the theme of Tell Me More 

             Poetry Society of New Hampshire Contest - poems up to 40 lines 

             Cricket Magazine - ages 9-14; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, activities; theme is Endless Summer 

             Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize - submit up to 4 poems 
















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