Submission Deadlines, 2021

May 15 - Poetry Society of Colorado: May Contest - set of 4 traditional haiku 

             Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Stories - nonfiction up to 1200 words & poems 

             Time of Singing Summer Poetry Contest - theme is "Beauty"; any form 

             Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize - enter up to 4 poems 

             Ohio Poetry Day Association Annual Contest - 21 categories to enter 

May 16 - Voyage YA Book Pitch Contest - YA novel; query, synopsis, & one sample page

May 18 - Highland Park Poetry Muses Gallery: Shoes - submit up to 5 poems; no more than 30 lines each 

May 28 - The War Cry: Deliverance - articles, fiction, nonfiction

              Alaska Writers Guild: Fiction (all genres) - submit up to 5 pages

May 29 - Saturday Writers the "agons" Prose Contest - pentagon, hexagon, octagon, etc.; 2021 word limit 

May 30 - The War Cry: Harnessing Our Emotions - Salvation Army magazine; fiction, nonfiction, articles 

May 31 - Connecticut Poetry Award - enter up to 3 poems 

              SouthWest Writers Association 2021 Annual Writing Contest - fiction, nonfiction, poetry 

              River Styx 2021 International Poetry Contest - enter up to 3 poems

              Bacopa Literary Review Annual Contest - poetry, prose poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction 

              New England Poetry Club Annual Contest - six categories to enter 

              Black Orchid Novella Award - 15,000 to 20,000 words 

              Blue Heron Review Poetry Contest - submit up to 3 poems 

June 01 - Bethlehem Writers Roundtable: Hotter Than Sin - fiction & poetry 

               Bible Advocate: Faithful - articles, fillers, poetry 

               Parabola Literary Journal: Fire - essays, poetry, photography, and translations 

               St. Louis Writers Guild Deane Wagner Poetry Contest - enter up to 5 poems 

               -1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest - poetry, fiction, nonfiction 



















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